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Why including WWF/Adena on my will?

We only have one planet and its future depends on decisions like yours.

We offer you some reasons that will boost your desire of protecting the planet through WWF/Adena:

We’re overexploiting natural resources to an unreliable speed. We need to act in order to reform our alimentary and energetic systems, and fulfil the world’s compromises for stopping climate change, protecting biodiversity and encouraging sustainable development.

The destruction of the ecosystem represents a risk not only to plants and animals that reside in the, but to human beings also. The ecosystems provide us with food, safe water, clean air, energy, medicine and leisure.

Expressed in figures,

  • Biodiversity has reduced itself an 58% in 40 years, in 2020 there’s a prediction of it increasing an 67%
  • We consume like there’s 1,6 planets Earth to our disposition. By2050 we’ll need the equivalent to 2,5 planets to supply ourselves.
  • The growing human pressure is diminishing the natural capital to a bigger velocity that it can be regenerated.
  • Agriculture occupies the 34% percent of Earth’s surface and consumes 69% of fresh water extractions.
  • A third part of produced food are thrown away.WWF is the biggest independent organization dedicated to the defense of nature and environmental protection.
  • More than 60 years working to accomplish our mission.
  • Present in more than a 100 countries of 5 continents.
  • More than 5M associates throughout the world that trust us.
  • More than 30M followers in social mediaWhat will WWF/Adena do with my legacy?
  • WWF/Adena will direct it entirely to the realization of projects in conservation camps in which we work: seas, continental waters, biodiversity, agriculture, climate change, …

Giving you an example we can say that:

With 3.000 € we plant a hectare of forest. With 100.000 € we fund a guard team with a vehicle in one of the natural reserves for the Iberian lynx, gorillas, rhinos or giant pandas. With 300.000 € we create a marine reserve that grants sustainable fishing for future generations.Leave your legacy to nature and you’ll be leaving something to your loved ones


Bárbara Crespi is the one in charge of Major Donors and Inheritances and Legacies. If you need any information contact her through email (bcrespi@wwf.es) or by phone 91 354 0578.