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Conclusions of the Conference 2019: The Iberian lynx looking to the future

The conservation of the Iberian Lynx has been a species recovery success story, providing an example of what can be accomplished by a determined push towards a common goal by all stakeholders. Thanks to this work, the lynx is one of the few species in the world that has seen its threat category shrink. Iberian lynx populations grew from less than 100 specimens in 2002 to almost 700 in 2018.

After 20 years of working with the species, it is time to evaluate the work carried in order to draw conclusions about how to improve its conservation from now on. Above all, it is time to set long-term goals to meet European guidelines and establish a clear and defined roadmap, which will allow the species to be far off from danger.  
To this end WWF has organized the conferences “The Iberian Lynx: Looking Towards the Future”; within the framework of Life Euro Large Carnivores, with the support of the Biodiversity Foundation and co-financed by the Ministry for Ecological Transition through the 2019 call for grants to NGOs that develop activities of general interest considered to be social interest in environmental scientific and technical research. These conferenceswere held in Madrid on the 24th, 25th, and 26th of September and involved a total of 154 people between thegeneral public, technicians, and experts of all administrations and interest groups involved in the conservation of the species.  During the first day, the data and topics to be discussed were presented to lay the common foundation for the second day’s discussion sessions. This involved technicians and experts from 
all administrations, as well as interest groups involved with the conservation of the species. 

Download the most relevant conclusions from each of the discussion blocks:  

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2019Conclusions of the Conference The Iberian lynx looking to the future

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